Val Silidker, MS, BCC- Psychospiritual Institute

Val Silidker, MS, BCC- Psychospiritual Institute

Mindset & Leadership Coach & Life Coach Trainer, Speaker, Co-Founder/Director of Psychospiritual Institute

Psychospiritual Institute offers individual coaching & one of the world’s leading fully accredited coach training & leadership programs.

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About Me

There is so much beauty in our world.

Yet, too many of us feel stuck behind our conditioned fears and belief systems. Surviving, rather than thriving, we can no longer see the unique gifts within us or the deeper context to which we belong. And so...

Our world is longing. We are longing. Longing to connect, to feel more deeply, to fully experience and understand the sacred fire that burns inside each of us. We are each unique and powerful, part of a greater vision, an evolutionary journey.

My work is to help us remember.

I work with change-makers, mission-driven entrepreneurs and pass...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

Here is what some of our former students had to say about the program:

"I took this course expecting it to change my life, but I had no idea what that actually meant. What it did was completely transform my way of being and helped me to uncover who I actually am and hold that person with unconditional compassion. I now have the language, tools, and courage to hold others in the same regard and to confidently and joyfully teach them to embrace love and consciousness and curiosity. I have nothing but endless gratitude for the teachers in this program and will spend the rest of my life recomm...

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