Vicki S. Jackson

Vicki S. Jackson

Biofield Tune Practitioner, Light & Color Therapy, Sound Healing, Reiki Master, Guided Imagery

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Until we find balance within ourselves, will we have balance in the world.

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About Me

Life-long seeker, avid reader, holistic scholar, and master gardener.
Dedicated seasonal grower, complete with fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Each morning begins with reading, followed with worshipping the rise of the sun; then the workday begins. Interested in many topics including painting and creating. Life is full of blessings, richness, and gratefulness for the harmonious balance self, work, and family.

What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

Healing in this world is necessary for us all to live in harmony. The human species does not live in harmony with themselves or the whole. We all need continual releases of emotional, physical and energetic challenges. The mind desires to be uncluttered and free, ideally seeking balance. When one becomes liberated, we are one step closer to peace on the earth.

How my clients describe their first visit?

Common feedback from first-time clients include:
- Experienced a profound state of center & calm
- Felt physically lighter / fresh state of clarity and insight
- Many have surges of immense energy, yet balanced with a sense of peaceful bliss.

What I say to someone who has never tried Biofield Tuning?

A skillful practitioner is able to gently guide & facilitate one's mind to unlimited potential, aligning heart/brain, thus clearing and healing to create space for anew, so that his / her soulful purpose can come into fruition.

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  • Sees children & teenagers

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