Greek Yogurt: The Laughing Cash Cow

Greek Yogurt: The Laughing Cash Cow

What is Greek Yogurt? Is it healthy for you? Why is it called that?

I think the better question to ask is:

“Where did this Greek Yogurt craze come from?"

Or even better...

"Why is everyone all over STRAINED yogurt in the first place?"

Yes, “Greek Yogurt” is regular yogurt that has whey protein strained or removed from it.

But, why would they want to remove whey? Isn’t that needed to build big muscles, bro?

It can be, but it’s needed to sell you overpriced protein shakes.

What do you think is the waste product when cheese factories process cheese?

That's right, WHEY protein. Both products are hugely profitable and based on nothing more than clever marketing.

 whey protein

Clever marketing that in 2012, the $4.1 billion US yogurt industry attributed most of its sales from this cash cow called 'strained yogurt'.


Whey protein, on the other hand, is set to hit $13.5 billion by 2020.


What's in your fridge?