Abundant Balance: Working with Qi

Abundant Balance: Working with Qi

Abundant Balance: Cultivating and Circulating Qi Energy:

February 13:  FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS  6:30-7:45pm

February 20-April 3: Course of Seven Wednesdays  6:30-7:45pm

Location West 30th St, Manhattan…

New York living can sap your energy until you are exhausted, irritable and uninspired.  The fluid movements and nature imagery of KUAN YIN QIGONG feed your spirit and shift your focus.  Kuan Yin Qigong can be done in 7 minutes and is very easy to learn, yet continues to offer rich, healing depth.  The MICROCOSMIC ORBIT takes us into our inner landscape.  By quietly guiding our Qi in a central inner pathway, we grow our energetic resources, we balance our Yin and Yang energies and settle and center our mind and heart.

We will also practice other energy tools such as SHAMANIC SHAKING, so that — after your 7 weeks — you will have a good understanding of a practice “porfolio” that will keep you centered, clear, energized and open.

Interested?  Contact me through here or through my website, Tiger-Heart-Tao