Dragon's Way Qigong®: For Total Health

Dragon's Way Qigong®: For Total Health

Dragon's Way Qigong® is a six week healing journey.  Based upon the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, this program integrates Wu Ming Qigong energy exercises and awakens you to the consciousness of organ function, emotions, Nature, and healing foods.  

According to Chinese Medicine, all physical and emotional conditions begin at the level of energy.  When energy is moving and flowing, your body naturally heals itself.  When patterns establish that create energy stagnation, physical and emotional symptoms arise.  

The purpose of Dragon's Way Qigong® is to jump start your energy flow through four different paths.  The first, most powerful path, is the Wu Ming Qigong energy exercises.  

Qigong opens your energy system (the meridian network) and helps build Qi for healing.  Wu Ming Qigong has a powerful lineage, dating back to Taoist masters Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu and passed onto Dragon's Way creator Grand Master Nan Lu.  This invisible power supports moving from head to heart, awakening to the role Spirit plays in the healing process.     

Through Five Element Consciousness, your mind opens to truths your body and Spirit have always known.  These truths are that everything is connected: every cell, every tissue, every organ, to each other, to emotions, and to Nature itself.  

Healing foods provide yet another opportunity to drop beyond the mind and deeper into the body.  What are the messages behind cravings?  What is the best way to take in food in an energetically conservative way?  What foods have the higest energetic healing potential at their essence?  

Finally, Chinese herbs are offered as an optional component of the program.  The purpose is to provide the ideal support and environment for your energy during the six weeks.  

Intrigued?!  Want to begin today?  Find an instructor near you or purchase the Dragon's Way Qigong® materials for independent study at tcmworld.org