Qi gong, I ching for Lunar New Year

Qi gong, I ching for Lunar New Year

FEBRUARY 2 in NEW YORK CITY:  To start the Chinese New Year (February 5) with more clarity and depth, join us and dive into the energetics of the I Ching and Pakua [Yijing and Bagua] with your mind and your body.

Our day will include two trainings:

For Beginners:  10:30-12:00noon ~ A 90 minute morning class on the Basics…

~Overview of what the I Ching is and a tiny bit of it’s history
~The structure of the Lines and Hexagrams.
~The steps to cast the I Ching using 3 coins.
~Determining a hexagram and looking up its interpretations.

Taking it Deeper:  1:30-5:00pm ~ Divination… the 8 Forces… the Pakua… Qigong…

-How to take that deeper, and cast intuitively using numerological meditation
-the 8 forces represented in the 8 Trigrams: what they are, and how they interact
-Pakua Qigong of held postures for each Force, taking them into our body
-Fusion of the Five Elements (Formula 1) to imprint the Pakua [Bagua] deeply and draw in the energies of the forces — using chanting and Qi-marking and visual meditation. We “tattoo” ourselves and create a permanent inner  structure that grounds you and connects you to universal energies.

Beginners ready to experience something new are most welcome, but if you’ve never done any Tao practices, send me an email so we can chat.  I will not go into the basics in the afternoon, so attending the morning class is essential.

Location ~
151 West 30th Street
(Balance Arts Center)
near Herald Square & Penn Station

Fees ~
Morning ~ Basic Overview:   $36 
Afternoon ~ Divination, Qigong & Fusion:  $108

Ready to register?  visit me on my website Tiger-Heart-Tao