Balance of Yin & Yang

Balance of Yin & Yang

True meaning of Tai Chi is
a state of complete union of yin and yang, the source of all things in the universe.

Perhaps the concept of yin and yang can be found anywhere, so everyone knows a little bit.

But people don't seem to know how to apply it to their health.

As an easy example, it's like feeling like you want to have more coffee on a rainy day.
A rainy day is called yin energy, which makes you calm down.
When that happens, our bodies want Yang energy food that boosts our energy like caffeine.

Exercise requires harmony of yin and yang.
To learn Qigong and Tai Chi, you must first relax your body and mind.
That way, Yang energy builds up inside the body naturally.

No matter how much muscle exercise you exercise, your hands and feet are cold or wet, your shoulders are stiff, you have a lot of thoughts and a short temper that doesn't get better because of exercise that ignores the harmony of yin and yang.