Are there any drawbacks to meditation?

Corinna P. Kromer, HTCP, CRM/T, HMC, NLP, Rev.
Corinna P. Kromer, HTCP, CRM/T, HMC, NLP, Rev. answered 2/12/2020 22:14

Women's Wellness Educator through Coaching, Energy Medicine and Motivational Speaking ~

I have never experienced any drawbacks while in quiet time or in any meditation classes I have taught. It is a time to become re-acquainted with who you are and get focused in your life. There are many types of meditation some focus on stillness that may help you listen more to your heart and others may focus on mantras and specific goals. Either way I have found that quiet time can assist with health issues, mental challenges and even physical pain and discomfort.

Anne Sussman
Anne Sussman answered 2/15/2020 21:35

Certified Meditation/Mindfulness Instructor/Certified Mindfulness at Work Trainer

Hi I love your question Don. Have you practiced meditation yet? Was there something that happened when you practiced that you were uncomfortable with? I have not found any drawbacks , quite the opposite. I would be happy to chat with you about a practice if you are open to it. Please let me know!

Angie Fenske, LCSW
Angie Fenske, LCSW answered 2/18/2020 17:11

Shamanic Practitioner, Therapist, Coach, Teacher

Hi Don, great question! I believe the only drawback to meditation is that people sometimes have difficulty maintaining their attention and focus, or finding the discipline to meditate on a regular basis. If someone is already depressed or very self-critical, they may feel like a "meditation failure." I used guided meditation quite a lot in the therapy office, and take people on Shamanic Journeys when they come for energy work or attend my retreats. This more active style of meditation is accessible and helps people reap the benefits. Feel free to contact me if you would like to try a Shamanic journey.

Dr. Kye Peven, ND, DSOM
Dr. Kye Peven, ND, DSOM answered 2/19/2020 05:16

Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine Doctor

Meditation can be extremely useful, but there are known effects which may be experienced as negative. It very much depends on a person's history, background, and what they are looking to achieve with a given meditation technique. Unwanted effects can range from some minor physical pain all the way to psychosis or depersonalization; these more serious effects are often linked to previous trauma. This doesn't mean people with a history of trauma should not practice meditation, just that they need to find the right approach and have the proper support in place to help them move through these difficulties. For more detail than you probably need or want check out, a website to help meditators experiencing distressing symptoms of all kinds.

Zen Benefiel, CHt, MA, MBA
Zen Benefiel, CHt, MA, MBA answered 2/19/2020 14:47

Transformational Life Coach

Don, from my experience, the only drawback to meditation is not treating the practice with respect. I hear 'oh, it's not working' and inquire of the actual devotion and time spent. Most of us have cluttered minds and cannot manage the mayhem, increasing stress in our lives. It's hard to be still. Judging your ability to be still and engage the practice might be a drawback as it tends to cause frustration and we all want to avoid frustration, right? Sometimes folks view meditation as a very complex practice when it really isn't. Some of the more advanced techniques may be a bit more demanding. I like a simple method I stumbled upon as a teenager faced with an altered state that was really intense. I put my fingertips together and noticed I could feel my heart beat in them. As I focused and became aware of my breath, the intense stimulation turned into a blissful quiet and solace from my overactive mind.

Kristi L. Filkins, B.S.
Kristi L. Filkins, B.S. answered 2/27/2020 19:33

Alternative Healing Practitioner

Just a little bit of quiet time , where you can be alone and uninterrupted yields benefits beyond any minor inconvenience!

Arturo Mendoza
Arturo Mendoza answered 3/5/2020 03:17

Human Potential Coach & Performance Specialist

This is a great question and it demands a nuanced answer. It all comes back to the individual, its approach to any meditation practice as well as his or her own life experience. Normally meditation is a fantastic tool with many proven benefits, however it isn´t convenient at times and it might wake you up from a comfortable dream. Though this might be perceived as a drawback it might not be so at all. Meditation allows you to experience yourself, as you are and by doing so allowing you to chose differently, probably for the better. Hope you find this one useful.