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Can acupuncture help my frozen shoulder?

Asked 6/6/2018 06:19 by
Answered 6/6/2018 20:17

Most certainly! Acupuncture - and the supportive Chinese therapies of cupping and/or Gua Sha - are documented successful modalities to relieve pain & stiffness, regain mobility, and reorganize scar tissue. Individual experiences will vary, of course. Two things to keep in mind: Acupuncture is amazing, but it's not a 'magic needle'; most conditions of dis-ease develop over time, thus it takes time to recover. Definitely, seek acupuncture or deep tissue massage before any thought of surgery!

Kathleen Stoneman

Kathleen Stoneman

Answered 6/10/2018 17:20

Yes! Acupuncture is anti-inflammatory, pain-reducing, and has recuperative actions within the tissues of the shoulder. Restored Qi and Blood movement in the muscles and sinews of the shoulder brings back range of motion and "unfreezes" it. Pain is relieved as the Qi and Blood circulation flows through the area. There is plenty of solid research about acupuncture for frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis. I would recommend some regular acupuncture treatment to fully mobilize and heal the area. Movement and massage can also be helpful to support healing with the acupuncture.