Can acupuncture help with tinnitus?

Dr. Mel Krug
Dr. Mel Krug answered 1/14/2020 21:43

Network Spinal and Pediatric Practitioner

Based on results my acupuncturist colleagues have seen, yes. Regardless of the type of practitioner you see, it's important they do a full health history to find the true cause rather than just chasing symptoms (even holistic doctors will chase symptoms from time to time). There are some neck exercises that can be supportive as well. Overall, make sure they address the state of your nerve system and spinal alignment of the upper neck given this is the area that controls ear, eyes, nose, throat, balance, mood, etc.

Dr. Josh Blankman DOM
Dr. Josh Blankman DOM answered 1/15/2020 20:24

Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Absolutely! Because acupuncture is about harmonizing the human body field, you may see results after one treatment or it may take more. Be patient Max S. And if you want help give me a call.