Can you help someone who hears voices

Dr. Kye Peven, ND, DSOM
Dr. Kye Peven, ND, DSOM answered 2/19/2020 00:12

Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine Doctor

I will assume that the voices this person hears are causing them suffering and interfering with their ability to live the life they want, since I don't immediately assume that hearing voices is 'bad'. The question of whether I could help this person is a pretty solid maybe. It would depend a lot on if they were already taking pharmaceutical medications, what kind of support system they had in place in their life, and whether they had access to such things as stable housing, healthy food, etc. Each person is so individual it's difficult to give a complete answer. However, Chinese Medicine and Naturopathy can absolutely help to balance a person's mental/emotional experience, including dealing with voices or other types of hallucinations.

Zen Benefiel, CHt, MA, MBA
Zen Benefiel, CHt, MA, MBA answered 2/19/2020 14:39

Transformational Life Coach

Thanks for asking the question, Roland. Hearing voices can be pretty disconcerting. There are no doubt various schools of thought, some clinical and some metaphysical. Even psychiatrists have different and sometimes opposing views of the nature of the ability or symptoms of challenged neurocircuitry. Having experienced it throughout my life, even admitting it takes a lot of courage. I believe that most occurrences are super-sensitive surreptitious impressions from source beyond our comprehension, yet mostly helpful to the process of maturing spiritually. Sometimes this is not the case, though thought-management and learning how to be more self-aware is imperative. When my ability began, it was a bit scary as I thought all the statements that began with "You..." were projected toward me. I was in college with many insecure and self-deprecating kids who turned their perception of inadequacy inside. I locked myself up in my dorm room for a couple days until a friend asked me if it was my voice or others. It was the right question and it helped me to begin to understand. As I continued my studies of mind and matter, it lead toward an expanded awareness of our perceived reality and the 'many worlds' that we are unaware of as of yet. Highly sensitive individuals are an anomaly in society, or have been, so the practice and training for practical applications and even 'normal' functionality are only now just beginning to surface outside the realms of esoteric spiritual environments. I had a discussion with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove on the topic, having both experienced and integrated the ability. I think you'll get a tremendous amount of benefit and even some insights for your own progress.

Joy AE Dennis
Joy AE Dennis answered 3/21/2020 23:10

Well-Being & Empowerment Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist

I would be most curious about the messages that were being received from the voices. As a hypnotherapist, I understand that the sub-conscious mind is very powerful, and wants to communicate when it is a matter of urgency. Understanding the messages, why they are necessary and the current mental and emotional state of the client would be important information. Because this question doesn't come with more information about what else might be going on or contributing to the mental state of the client, it is tricky to answer in a concrete way. I would say, yes, I can help. Though the scope of that help depends on the other factors or issues that the client may be experiencing.

Candace Veach, MTOM, LAc
Candace Veach, MTOM, LAc answered yesterday at 19:47

Most the time I can but I can not promise. I would need to know more about you and the voices.