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Holistic remedies for contact dermatitis (on the face)?

Asked 2/18/2021 18:46 by Anonymous
Brian Balke, C.Ht.

Brian Balke, C.Ht.

Answered 2/18/2021 21:30

The first step here is always to ensure that you are not being exposed to a toxin. A dermatologist, functional medicine specialist, or Doctor of Osteopathy should be consulted. A hidden factor in chronic dermatitis can be mental anxiety that undermines the natural recovery of the skin. In such cases, symptoms may persist long after exposure and recur under minor irritation. From the perspective of a hypnotherapist, conditions on the head relate to feeling trapped or unable to express a deeply held truth. If that resonates with your situation, a skilled hypnotherapist can help you uncover the specifics and unite the mind in developing a positive resolution.