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How can I heal elbow tendinitis through your program?

Asked 3/23/2021 03:38 by Joe G

Hello Joe, Have you ever considered how all physical illness can be traced back to unwanted emotions? Energy Sound Frequency Therapy works by asking your body to identify which unwanted emotion needs to be released today, where in the body the emotion is held [it may or may not be your elbow], and what the frequency of the emotion is. Sound is applied to that part of the body for the amount of time your body indicates is necessary to release that unwanted emotion. This therapy has a 95%+ success rate in the real world. If you preferred to not deal with emotions, we can talk about Rife. Like an opera singer can break a crystal wine glass by singing the correct note, the same principal can be applied to break up blockages in your body that may be restricting oxygen and nutrients thereby causing inflammation and pain. Rife frequencies can be applied to you without you being physically present through quantum entanglement of your DNA. In other words, we can always assist you when we have some of your DNA, for example finger nail clippings.