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How can I know if I have the gift for healing? Why can I feel the love or pain of other people who I don't know or even haven't met them? But I can see them or smell there essence or pharmons and know their love/joy/pain/ feelings.

Asked 3/25/2021 15:35 by Michael Swanson
Brian Balke, C.Ht.

Brian Balke, C.Ht.

Answered 3/26/2021 12:52

Michael, we all have the gift of healing. All sorrow arises from the choice to exist apart from love. Those that bring love into the world awaken that insight in others. They project their needs into us so that they can receive healing. The difficulty is that they want that healing on their own terms. In effect, they want to tell love how to love them. That doesn't work, of course, because if they knew how to love themselves they wouldn't be so miserable. If you recognize this and allow love to guide you, you will find it easier to manage your engagements. When these messages arise within you, turn to love and ask it "What is it that we need to do here?"