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How do I know if I am deficient in Zinc?

Asked 4/7/2021 22:30 by Danielle Smith FNTP, CGP
Danielle Smith FNTP, CGP

Danielle Smith FNTP, CGP

Answered 4/7/2021 22:32

Unfortunately, zinc deficiencies are far too common among populations whose main food sources come from grains, cereals, and processed foods. Due to the many roles zinc plays in the human body, there is a broad range of physiological signs of a potential deficiency. Organ systems known to be affected by such a deficiency include the epidermal (skin), gastrointestinal, central nervous, immune, skeletal, and reproductive systems. Signs of a zinc deficiency can vary depending on the severity of the condition but may include things like frequent infections, loss of hair, poor appetite, lack of taste or smell, skin sores, slow growth rate, trouble seeing in the dark, or wounds that take a long time to heal.