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How does distance reiki work versus in-person reiki?

Asked 4/28/2021 13:15 by Tim Lyons
Antoinette Cresci de la Torre

Antoinette Cresci de la Torre

Answered 5/1/2021 20:47

What a wonderful question. With Covid-19 many more people have received distance healing due to the constraints we have undergone the past year. To address your inquiry, Reiki is a form of energy healing and we are energetic beings. Energy healing is outside of time and space. When we receive healing whether is is spiritual (shamanic) or energetic (reiki) we are using universal life source energy to alter our being. When you consider that we have a body but even our physical body is also energetic this type of healing modality can have a profound effect on both our energetic body and our physical body. The outcome of both in person and distance reiki are the same. They are both profound. In person the practitioner my lightly touch the client. But with Reiki, touch is not necessary. Many people find that light touch is comforting. But it is not necessary and doesn't make the healing any more powerful. With that said, distance reiki can be done for a person anywhere in the world. Some Reiki practitioners work on the phone or via video chat, others work alone and contact the client when they are done. But the outcome is the same. Distance reiki is done by sending the reiki energy to the client with full intention. The client is active in this as well. This clients job is to relax and receive. Intention is key in all modalities of energetic and spiritual healing. Intention from the practitioner and intention by the client to actively receive. If you decide to receive a distance healing, be sure to schedule it at a time that you can lay down and relax to that you are receptive to receiving healing. Since we are all connected and everything is alive, we are finding that distance healing is just as powerful and beneficial as in person healing.