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How does hypnosis work?

Asked 12/28/2020 23:13 by Hannah C
Hudson Healing Arts

Hudson Healing Arts

Answered 12/28/2020 23:14

When you’re reading, daydreaming, wrapped up in a movie, or just super engrossed in an activity, it’s not the work of mind control or some outside force. It’s simply you allowing yourself to drop into this altered state of awareness. Hypnosis at its core is direct, deliberate, and deeply relaxed focus. Your mind naturally knows how to get there, but with the help of a professional guiding you, you can harness the power that already exists within you to solve everyday problems. It’s a fascinating but intuitive concept: When you consciously bypass the conscious mind, you can make profound changes. You’re able to have a powerful conversation with your subconscious, free of distractions and over-thinking, to replace beliefs that aren’t serving you with ones that do! In essence, it couldn’t be further from “mind control”: hypnosis is an empowering tool that puts you in the driver’s seat.