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How were Bach Flower remedies created?

Asked 12/28/2020 23:03 by Hannah C
Hudson Healing Arts

Hudson Healing Arts

Answered 12/28/2020 23:04

This system of natural healing was created in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a well- known English physician, bacteriologist, and pathologist who dedicated his life to developing the flower remedies. Bach was a highly intuitive man ahead of his times. He realized that each person has a different attitude and personality; therefore, the best remedy to heal a person should be chosen based on their individual characteristics, rather than just the symptoms. He also knew that negative emotions can be at the root of physical symptoms and weaken the immune system (Think of the heart-racing effects of anger or deep fatigue that accompanies sadness). Bach set out to protect the body, mind and spirit with the positive energies of flowers. He created 38 plant and flower-based remedies that apply to the most common emotional states. Each essence of a different flower helps resolve a specific state. Bach developed a method that’s still used today: transferring the energy from the trees and flowers to water, infusing it via a sun steeping or boiling method, and then using a small amount of brandy to preserve it. Today, the Bach Centre carries out Dr. Bach’s work, and practitioners are certified in more than sixty different countries.