I injured my elbow in the last 7 days. A friend has recommended Arnicare and DSMO cream for swelling. The pain level has continued to decrease. However, the inflammation has gotten worse. I'm seeing a Dr. tomorrow morning so the cream is meant as a complimentary treatment to their recommendation.Arnicare I have used in the past, but I am less familiar with DSMO cream. Does anyone recommend a specific brand to try out?Thank you!

Gregory Ashby
Gregory Ashby answered 10/2/2019 21:46

Certiied Health Coach-Functional Lifestyle Coach

Find a good local health store that carries it

Susan Schroeder
Susan Schroeder answered 10/4/2019 16:15

Myofascial Mapping Bodyworker, Spine/Joint health

Is there a broken bone? This would seem to be all soft tissue & swelling which can actually be pumped out & through the lymphatic system as you strengthen around the joint using a hydraulic approach to hand & arm toning exercises. This goes way beyond bicep curls but is a myofascial engagement which helps with bone density, joint health & easing the body's inflammatory response. What was the doc's prognosis?

Adam Hurwitz
Adam Hurwitz answered 10/4/2019 16:42
Thanks Susan! I consulted with a friend from home who is a Dr. and he said it's not an emergency based on the initial injury happening on 9/16. Therefore, I did not go to a PCP for an XR in order to save money since my insurance is minimal at the moment. I've been getting deep sleep this via cold showers before bed, and just started with DMSO cream off of Amazon. The swelling has started to go down dramatically and the pain is down to < 5 out of 10. Once my coverage improves I'll look into an XR and PT as there might be scar tissue. DMSO cream - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000ZCVVI8/