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Is there a holistic treatment for nose bleeds? My husband gets them frequently, wondering if anyone has any experience with natural supplements, oil, or suggestion to help?

Asked 4/21/2021 01:50 by Kaylan
Jennifer Bralick, RN

Jennifer Bralick, RN

Answered 4/21/2021 15:39

Hi Kaylan! Do you live in a super dry environment? Sometimes something as simple as adding a humidifier to your space and drinking more water can help a lot — dry mucous membranes make the capillaries very susceptible to injury. A couple other things to think about are increasing Vitamin C and Vitamin K in the diet, which can help improve the strength of those tiny blood vessels. Apple cider vinegar can help treat a nose bleed but isn't as effective as a preventative. I hope some of these are helpful!