My practice focuses on dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. What do you feel is the hardest thing to do when you're feeling stressed out, anxious, or depressed?

Terry Lynn Talbot
Terry Lynn Talbot answered 2/10/2020 19:37

Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (EGCM) certified Coach, Yoga Instructor,

I feel it is getting out of your own way and getting into the present moment. It is ways one can choose to step into awareness and creating their own answers

Anne Sussman
Anne Sussman answered 2/15/2020 21:39

Certified Meditation/Mindfulness Instructor/Certified Mindfulness at Work Trainer

Hi Susan, When you say "your practice" I'm not sure what you are referring to. Is this your own personal meditation practice? or are you a practicing clinician? Would love to help answer this for you but need a bit more info. I agree with Terry Lynn Talbot's answer, it's often coming back again and again to the experience you are having through your senses that is most helpful. When you are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed it's because of where you are spending time in your thoughts and not in the present moment. I would be happy to chat with you if you like. We can see if I would be a good fit to help you. This is exactly what I help my clients do!! Please let me know.

Susan Petang
Susan Petang answered 2/26/2020 17:09

Certified Stress Management & Happiness Coach

Hi, Ann! I'm a Certified Life Coach specializing in Happiness & Stress Management. I asked this question to see what DaoCloud participants are looking for. I'm in the process of writing another book, and want to make sure that readers get what they want! Thanks for responding. :-)
Lynne Stylianou-Jensen, MA
Lynne Stylianou-Jensen, MA answered 3/12/2020 18:02

Stress Management Coach and Mentor

The hardest thing to do when you are feeling stressed out and anxious is to think rationally and problem solve. My reaction is often to freeze internally and not know how to react. Later I can feel anger. The HeartMath Institute's research has shown that your brain actually shuts down when in stress. Developing a sense of awareness of when you are stressed can be a key to making a shift. With this awareness you can start to refocus your attention. I teach a type of Heart-Focused Breathing that can help return your system to a neutral state where you can then experience the present moment. Once there you can start to respond rationally.