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Open Letter to all Hypnotists, Healers, and Wellness Professionals on DaoCloud

Asked 5/11/2020 16:46 by Terry Lee Brussel
Success Center Inc.

Success Center Inc.

Answered 5/11/2020 16:46

OPEN LETTER TO HYPNOTISTS, COACHES AND PROFESSIONAL HEALERS ON DAOCLOUD Would you like to help First Responders, Doctors, Nurses and Health Care Workers to Handle the Stress of being on the front lines of our battle against the Novel Corona Virus Pandemic? We are looking for Healers with at least three years of professional experience in their fields for this program. If you are qualified to apply, please call 800- GOAL NOW(462-5669) I am Terry Lee Brussel CCHt (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist) Director of Success Center Inc. I have experience in my field since 1969. I created the Seven Keys to Self Actualization on which The Seven Key Turn Key System for Build a Successful Hypnosis, Healing or Coaching Practice is based. I pioneered telephone hypnotherapy in 1995 and have taught it to hypnotists, professional healers and coaches all over the US and in many other countries worldwide. I also teach you how to provide more value to your clients through planned multiple session package which help your clients reach their Highest potential in areas physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial! From the physical to the metaphysical... It is possible to build a successful practice right now even in this economy. Call me at 800-GOAL NOW. That’s 800-462-5669. The web address is www.acesuccess.com Also, myself and my closest friend since high school, Glen Olson Retired Fire Captain and 30+ year paramedic with LA Fire Department, are offering FREE community Support call at 8:15 every Monday morning until Shelter in Place in California ends. Details on the home page of our website. Please attend and feel free to invite those you care about. In this time of social distancing this something you CAN do for them. The Board of Directors for our First Responders Stress Management program is Terry Lee Brussel CCHt. Glen Olson, Retired Fire Department Captain and 30+ year paramedic Roy Hunter, the most prolific writer of hypnosis books for laymen and professionals of the 21st century.

Yes I would!