So... a man with a rash in back, legs and arms.. they were diagnosed as hives but, there is no itching just redness. He’s been through batteries of test because he is also mentally confused and deteriorating fast. He has a fever 3-4 times per weak. He’s very tired. Doctors cannot say it’s dimentia or Alzheimer’s because it’s not showing as typical. He has had blood work and even a bone marrow test. His joints hurt. He’s getting referred now to infectious disease and another neurologist. They have him memory but, it seemed to make him more confused. He’s 70 years old. Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions?

Dr. Sara Siso
Dr. Sara Siso answered 11/17/2019 02:51

Holistic Plant-Based Practitioner

He needs to remove the cause by detoxing his body with my 3 weeks back to health program.

Leilani answered 11/18/2019 16:33

If his joints hurt, that makes me think of inflammation. My husband had aching joints and horrible eczema that covered most of his body. The thing that helped him most was to remove lectins from his diet.

Dr. Sandra McIlvain, ND
Dr. Sandra McIlvain, ND answered 11/19/2019 15:01

Naturopathic Doctor

I would suggest checking for heavy metals, IV chelation might be needed. He may be sensitive to the foods he eats, allergy testing can determine that and the foods can be inflammatory causing all kinds of symptoms. EAV testing would be a non-invasive way to determine the root causes.

Pamela J Leno
Pamela J Leno answered 1/15/2020 23:36

Certified Hypnotherapist, High Performance Coach, Founder of Ideal Wellness NW

Have you had him tested for food sensitivities?