What are some natural remedies for asthma?

AVO answered 2/22/2020 01:03

NetworkSpinal Practitioner & Chiropractor

Asthma is often caused by a hyper-active immune system and can also be affected by spinal mis-alignments that disrupt the communication of your nervous system leading to improper function of the various parts of your body. Chiropractic is designed to aid your body by reducing tension in your nervous system, which can cause many adverse health effects. I would recommend you see a chiropractor if you aren't already. I have had/seen many cases of reduction and even elimination of asthma symptoms while under chiropractic care. I hope this helps!

Corinne Cassini
Corinne Cassini answered 3/1/2020 20:10

Alexander Technique teacher, M-ATI, BM

FM Alexander, the inventor of the Alexander Technique greately relieved if not eliminated his symptoms of asthma. I have worked with clients on breathing and finding ease in spite of their restrictions.

Maralynn Johnson BS/LMT
Maralynn Johnson BS/LMT answered 3/1/2020 23:16

Massage Therapist

Pleurisy root, and high pH water in nebulizer.

Marian Mitchell
Marian Mitchell answered 3/3/2020 20:08

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

As a former severe asthmatic, I'm excited to share with you what has worked for me. First is to make sure you have your air ducts and carpets professionally cleaned. You need to remove the things that can trigger the cough reflex and stimulate mucus production. Next up is to get an IgG/IgA test to find your food sensitivities and then promptly remove those foods from your diet and cleaning products (if applicable). Third, sleeping with a cool-mist humidifier during the dry season (like winter when the heater is blowing). Fourth, taking NAC to help ensure the lungs has the antioxidants it needs. It is a huge bonus if you eat very clean (lots of fresh produce and little processed foods) and minimize dairy intake. I hope this helps!

Dr. Michael Weiner
Dr. Michael Weiner answered 3/4/2020 15:39


Here is a blog I wrote about Asthma. I hope this helps! https://www.optimalspineandbody.com/blog/2020/2/23/asthma If there are any misalignments in your neck and possibly upper back, that can be identified properly by specific X-rays to see if you any alignment issues. Misaligned spines will decrease the nerves working properly and then affect the way your body will respond to an outside stress (asthma response). This would be great to do in addition to changing your nutrition and lifestyle approaches!

Maralynn Johnson BS/LMT
Maralynn Johnson BS/LMT answered 3/10/2020 01:56

Massage Therapist

When my son was a baby. He was hospitalized on three different occasions. His doctor diagnosed my youngest with asthma. I had given him the rescue inhaler, and the singular for a short period of time. Just until he was out of the woods. This was a horrible time and with my son so young. I felt that there had to be another method of healing. So I did lots of research and from what I found is that he had an allergy to mold. My husband and I gutted both bathrooms and to no surprise him lungs cleared, except when I brought him to the doctors for his older siblings appointments. Again he would start wheezing and coughing. I told the doctor that he has to have mold in his building. Needless to say I had to fire the doctor. So what I did instead of pharmaceuticals I found that pleurisy root and the nebulizer was very useful too. I found a high pH water and put the water into the nebulizer cup. He was better in a matter of minutes and with no side effects.

Deborah Picou
Deborah Picou answered 3/12/2020 01:08

QHHT, Emotion Code Practitioner & Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Mantra Instructor

For most of my life terrible allergies plagued me and led to life threatening asthma for decades. When I became Certified Practitioner of The Emotion Code, my first patient was me. My first task was to eliminate my debilitating allergy to cats and the resultant asthma. The first session released the trapped emotions which led to the allergy. Both the allergy & the asthma disappeared. It’s been over 1 year since that session and I’m still allergy and asthma free. It’s worth checking to see if trapped emotions are at the root.