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What are the benefits of Reiki?

Asked 12/28/2020 23:18 by Hannah C
Hudson Healing Arts

Hudson Healing Arts

Answered 12/28/2020 23:18

When your Ki is strong, you feel ready to take on the world, and this positive state of mind encourages physical health. On the other hand, you’ve likely suffered imbalances from blocked or weak Ki. Reiki’s effect is always beneficial, and energy naturally knows where to go to restore free-flowing Ki. Each individual will experience Reiki differently, but an immediate sense of stress relief, peace and mental clarity is common. Long-term benefits may be more subtle and cumulative. Reiki assists the body in releasing toxins, helping to maintain and improve health and manifest an outward harmony, confidence, and happiness. When we are relaxed and stress-free, our natural ability to heal is triggered, making Reiki a wonderful complementary therapy that enhances other care or treatments you may receive.