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What causes brain fog?

Asked 9/22/2020 21:29 by Ayva H.
Shannon Moss

Shannon Moss

Answered 9/23/2020 01:56

There are a lot of causes of brain fog, but I found that the #1 cause for my clients has to do with their gut health. Whether it's hormone related or not, it all leads back to the gut. You may be thinking, there is no way that all of my symptoms can be chalked up to poor gut health… Short answer: Maybe not. Long answer: But it’s a really good start, especially when you consider these truths: 70 million people suffer from digestive issues. An estimated 15 million Americans have food allergies…whether they realize it or not (and most don’t). Your gut health makes up 70% of your immune system; therefore, if your immune system is chronically compromised, it’s likely due to poor gut health. You gut is referred to as your body’s second brain—if that’s not enough to convince you of its importance, I don’t know what is. Poor gut health causes auto-immune diseases, hormonal imbalance, mental illness, diabetes, weight gain, skin issues, brain fog/confusion and countless other problematic conditions. Once you rebuild the health of your gut, you’ll look and feel like a brand new person. Would love to set you up with a free consult to discuss whether or not you are at risk for something like leaky gut.