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What does Reiki feel like?

Asked 12/28/2020 23:17 by Hannah C
Hudson Healing Arts

Hudson Healing Arts

Answered 12/28/2020 23:17

Reiki is offered through a light touch, with the practitioner’s hands placed on or above a series of locations on the head and body. Part of what makes Reiki so deeply relaxing is you’re required to do absolutely nothing but lie down and receive. The practitioner channels the energy through their hands, and this positive energy begins to flow through your energy field. As you welcome this energy, you may feel a surprising warmth from the practitioner’s palms or awareness of energy gently washing over you. Negative energy is released, a sensation which many people describe as feeling noticeably “lighter.” Each individual will experience Reiki differently, though it’s most common to feel immediate stress release and a sense of peace. Many report a refreshing mental clarity and wonderful feeling of radiance. It’s not unusual to sleep better than usual after a session.