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What is Spiritual Ingression Therapy (SIT)?

Asked 6/7/2021 18:09 by Ideabiz
Susan Lawrence, CCHt, CSHt

Susan Lawrence, CCHt, CSHt

Answered 6/8/2021 21:19

Spiritual Life Ingression Therapy is the way to our Spiritual Connection by guiding you into a into a state of inner silence, stillness and relaxation. In this completely receptive state, your human thought transcends the human plane, into our Superconscious mind. This is the spiritual mental dimension. It is here, that your human thought ingresses into the endless celestial love that exists and you are ready to receive and possess the knowledge which will enable you to transcend your physicality and merge into God consciousness, the true love consciousness, in which, all things are realized, plentiful and beautiful. It is a path to finally escape from the repetitive hamster wheel of human experience and merge with purity of mind, heart and action and become one with universal love consciousness. As you become aware of the true nature of God within you, transcending you and all around you; you will come to have undeviating faith that in every circumstance you can draw upon the inspiration, power and upliftment directly from God within and around you. Dr. Brian Weiss astonished the world of psychiatry with the theories of past-life regression therapy and future life progressions, but now Susan Lawrence CCh, trained by the Master himself, has revolutionized the process by founding Spiritual Life Ingression Therapy (SIT). Instead of being guided into the past or the future, Spiritual Life Ingression guides you into the spiritual dimension. What if you were able to see through the veil into the unknown universe which has been forgotten? What if you were able to reconnect with loved ones who have passed on?  What if you were able to cut the negative energetic ties/cords to people or surrender addictions, habits, illnesses, hurt feelings fears and phobias or finally able to release physical pain? What if, for just a few moments, you were able to feel the ultimate peace and joy of unlimited love and forgiveness of heaven? 
 Now there is a new hypnosis-meditation technique that goes beyond traditional hypnosis and guides you to the beyond by re-igniting your relationship with God, our creator through the superconscious mind.  There is much information about the Conscious and Subconscious mind, but not much about the Superconscious mind.  While the conscious and subconscious aspects of our mind help us create the life we are living, the superconscious mind exists to help us expand our spiritual connection and knowledge beyond our physical bodies at a level extending past our space time continuum. It is a portal to unlimited information, healing, protection, and guidance. Many people have blocked this portal, afraid of this unknown, vestibule due to various religious doctrines and other dogmas. But now there is a safe and easy way to connect with our souls and harness the energy of the universe. To visit with God, Higher Power, Masters, Archangels, deceased loved ones or pets, or to enter into the world of the Akashic Records, and visit with your book of life, schedule your appointment today at GetJoyful.com and receive 30 minutes free with your first time client booking.