What is the best way to break a fast?

Katrina Cook, MScN
Katrina Cook, MScN answered 1/6/2020 19:55

Functional Nutritionist

Hi Max! It really depends on the nature of the fast - how long it was, if you were doing a strict water fast or a juice fast and whether or not you are managing any conditions. As a general guideline, I would start with easy to digest foods the first day to gently revive your system - broths, pureed soups, rice with minimally seasoned, lean meats (fish/chicken). The following day, try introducing more solid foods and veggies, preferably cooked as they are easier to digest. Then I would move into raw veggies, but preferably in a partially broken down form - smoothies, fermented, soaked or sprouted if possible. You may need to gradually reintroduce yourself to high fiber foods depending on the nature of the fast, so I would hold off on legumes & wheat as much as possible until day 3. If your fast was less then 1 week, you may find you are able to tolerate harder to digest foods faster. I would also avoid coffee, dairy and fried foods until after day 3. Good luck!