what is the natural way to control snoring

Dr. Amanda Grace, ND
Dr. Amanda Grace, ND answered 11/5/2019 21:33

Naturopathic Doctor

Hi TS, If the person is overweight, losing weight would be the first recommendation. Secondly is to look at overproduction of mucus in the body. If you switch to a mucus-free diet the weight should also come off. If you choose to go this direction, I am happy to advise.

TS Kumaresh
TS Kumaresh answered 11/7/2019 14:19
Thanks Dr. Grace - I am not overweight
answered 11/6/2019 15:32

Less Heavy work

Sue Pine
Sue Pine answered 11/7/2019 19:06

Emotion Code / Body Code Practitioner

Many have found relief by using CPTG Thyme essential oil.

Ryan Neuwirt
Ryan Neuwirt answered 11/7/2019 20:09

Manual and movement therapist,

Hi there, I'm a pretty fit person and If i sleep in the wrong position, I will literally shake the walls with my snoring.I recommend experimenting with side sleeping. Try having your head level, maybe two pillows under or one medium thickness pillow with your shoulder under it. and then another pillow between your knees if you want. I find that this really levels out my hips and feels good. Also, sleeping on your stomach will straighten out your airways and that will probably help. Use a very thin pillow though so as not to keep your neck extended. IF you have any more questions, Feel free to DM me on instagram @Ryan_moves

Chanel Walker-Bailey
Chanel Walker-Bailey answered 11/11/2019 16:24

Certified Life Coach

I have a husband that snores like a bear most nights. His natural sleep position is on his back and that is when it is the loudest. It's truly the sleep position that aggravates the sound. I gently encourage him to sleep on his side and snoring instantly ceases! He has also benefited from nose strips but only the name brand (Breath Right) The generics don't work for him. Hope this helps and happy sleeping:-)

Borealis Holistics
Borealis Holistics answered 11/16/2019 21:33

Holistic Services & Wellness Products

As a snorer who has kept my wife awake many nights, I have found that the moldable mouthpieces work very well. I also use adhesive nasal strips. I have tried numerous other remedies and devices that have not worked.

Dreana Nealon answered 11/16/2019 21:37

A natural approach to snoring that I have found most helpful is a Respiratory Blend of essential oils all formulated for opening the airways for easier breathing. It is simple, safe, and economical. For snoring, we apply to the appropriate reflex points on the feet. Another option is add 3 drops of this blend to a diffuser along with a relaxing essential oil like Lavender for a wonderful nights sleep! If one is new to essential oil usage, be aware that they are not all created equal. We only use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) standard of essential oils, because they are the most tested and most trusted brand. For more information on the specific Respiratory Blend https://doterra.me/wXXgt7cU