What's the best treatment for painful suboccipital neuralgia? A chiropractic adjustment?

Dr. Michael Weiner
Dr. Michael Weiner answered 1/22/2020 15:41


I have personally helped people with that before through chiropractic care. The question is what is causing that pain? Here are different things I have found that cause the pain. Instability of the upper cervical spine secondary to previous whiplash trauma, sports injuries, hypermobilities, etc. found on motion X-rays. Reversal of the upper cervical curve for almost the same reasons noted above. Decreased range of motion of the upper thoracic spine (this causes the upper neck to move too much). Abnormal head posture (head forward, left, right, tilt right/left). The way I assess for this is through specific X-ray techniques and also postural analysis. Once the cause is found, I adjust the spine (using instruments, my hand, drop table), prescribe certain exercises to stabilize the neck, and specific traction to align the spine - not the generic traction that lifts the head up. I hope this helps. Main concept: find what is causing suboccipital neuralgia, find someone who is going to analyze like I said above, and give you a treatment plan that utilizes an assortment of the treatment I said.