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Which B vitamin is most important?

Asked 8/9/2020 12:46 by Kam
Andrea Flowers Groon, MEd RDN LDN

Andrea Flowers Groon, MEd RDN LDN

Answered 8/11/2020 17:04

All B vitamins are vital for optimal health and wellness. Some of the B vitamins are more easily obtained through our regular diet. B vitamins are water soluble so they are not stored in the body long term. Include beans/peas, nuts/seeds, dark, leafy greens, and whole, unrefined grains. Eggs, dairy products and meat will complete the range of B vitamins your body needs. Many people choose to supplement with a B-Complex to make sure they are providing the body with what it needs and give them increased energy. I would like the opportunity to discuss your personal needs or concerns. In wellness, Andrea