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    Hello, I am a mindfulness educator who healed myself after becoming permanently disabled where there was no alopathic method for recovery. I healed through brain science, meditation, bodytalk , vibration, floating and many Other alternative modalities. I am interested in what a functional medicine health coach is . I am currently a trauma recovery coach working from the problem of recovery I designed for me. I want to learn how to share what I know and need credentialing in order to be seriously considered in my field.
    0 Answers

    Leslie trager · 3/25/2020 21:29

    So... a man with a rash in back, legs and arms.. they were diagnosed as hives but, there is no itching just redness. He’s been through batteries of test because he is also mentally confused and deteriorating fast. He has a fever 3-4 times per weak. He’s very tired. Doctors cannot say it’s dimentia or Alzheimer’s because it’s not showing as typical. He has had blood work and even a bone marrow test. His joints hurt. He’s getting referred now to infectious disease and another neurologist. They have him memory but, it seemed to make him more confused. He’s 70 years old. Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions?
    8 Answers

    Michelle J. Howe · 11/16/2019 23:43