5 Ways Massage and Acupuncture Support Your Body’s Innate Ability to Heal

5 Ways Massage and Acupuncture Support Your Body’s Innate Ability to Heal

Whether you are recovering from injury or surgery or going through treatment for cancer, massage and acupuncture support your healing process in the several ways.

Reduce Anxiety

Illness, injury, and pain are stressful.  You can help your healing process by finding effective ways to relax and reduce anxiety.  Meditate, listen to music you love, laugh,  and get a massage or acupuncture treatment.

Control Pain

Uncontrolled pain interferes with healing. Pain may limit movement and reduce the circulation of healing nutrients to injured tissues. Pain often disturbs deep restorative sleep, the time when most tissue growth and repair occurs. Massage and acupuncture support your body’s ability to heal by reducing pain to support movement and restorative sleep and may reduce the need for pain medications.

Relax Muscles

Tight muscles reduce blood circulation and may keep nutrients away from areas that need them most for healing.   Stretch, practice yoga and deep breathing to help muscles relax.  Massage and acupuncture can also help by releasing muscle contraction and balancing qi.

Improve Circulation

You can improve your circulation by moving as much as possible.  Swing your arms.  Walk.  Lie on the floor and roll from side to side.  Stretch and breathe.  Massage and acupuncture also improve the circulation of blood and qi throughout the body to assist in bringing nutrients and balancing energy for faster healing.

Restore Mobility

Specific massage techniques can release scar tissue and adhesions that often restrict the range of motion following injury or surgery.