The Bittersweet Gift of Death

The Bittersweet Gift of Death

The human cycle is one of birth and death.

Birth expands the heart. It’s a time to rejoice as we welcome a new soul into our lives.
Death constricts the heart. It’s a time to face the loss of someone from our lives.

There is a day to be born and there is a day to die.

Facing mortality is never easy.

There are those passing on with some level of awareness or notice. They have a unique opportunity to share their final thoughts with those most meaningful in their life. The biggest challenge for oneself and those we love comes as the process unfolds.  t’s about coming to terms with what’s happening.

There are those who pass on without notice. Their death is sudden and to the point.   The biggest challenge for these facing this type of situation comes from the sudden change, unresolved feelings or regrets. Neither party left got the opportunity to say goodbye.

Mortality is bittersweet.

Bittersweet is a noun describing something that is sweet with a bitter aftertaste.

The sweet part of mortality or losing a loved one comes from our focus and attention to our connection to them.  It comes from feeling the depth of connection and honoring them with presence, pause and love.

The sweet part also involves revisiting storylines and past memories.  The revisit allows us to cherish and value their role in our life.  The revisit brings the past to present.  The revisit brings tears that soften as we move into grief.  Surrender, allowance and acceptance are the next important steps.  In the end, we release heavy emotions and move forward with our life.


The bitter aftertaste is saying goodbye.

Each soul leaving their body has their own unique experience. There may be fear. There may be regrets.  There may be anger. There may be restlessness and angst. There may be a determination to stay here. There may be grace and acceptance.  There may be no emotion at all.  There is no right approach to mortality.  Each and every individual on his or her own path.

To be that individual saying goodbye to someone or losing a loved one is another experience. This loss initiates a range of emotions that begin with heartbreak followed by some measure of grief, sadness, or sorrow. The best approach is to feel whatever emotions arise knowing the importance of moving through each step your process.

A few things to consider when you are facing a bittersweet loss in your life:

Focus on the soft, loving sides of them.
Engage them to learn more about their life.
Speak with kind words and open your heart.
Listen without trying to correct or fix their mind.
Take notice of the imprints you have inherited from them.
Recognize the soul beyond the mentality of the personality.
Beliefs about life and death are personal and vary from person to person.
Below are a few introspective questions to ask yourself:   

What do I believe happens after the death of a loved one? 
Do I still feel connected to those who are no longer physically here?
Have I moved through all stages of grief or stuffed those heavy emotions?   
Regardless of your position, thoughts or beliefs about death, there will always be mystery surrounding the topic.  To prove or not to prove is always a debate that part and parcel for those unwilling to believe or trust beyond our logical minds. 

“Faith is that the magic ingredient that allows us to accept life and death without fear. Faith allows us to move forward with peace in our hearts and an awareness of infinite connection to one another.”

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MICHELLE J. HOWE is “The Wise Empath.”  Michelle is a powerful channel of high vibrational, healing energies.  She serves today as an Awakening Speaker, Evolutionary Guide and a Master Healer. Michelle is a perpetual study of life, holds many healing certifications, and is a graduate of the Orin & DaBen Awakening Light Body Program.  Michelle’s mission is to awaken and guide Highly Sensitive Healers, Feelers and Empaths on their Path to Joyful Expansion.

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