5 Ways to Reduce Back Pain and Have Summer-tastic Fun!

5 Ways to Reduce Back Pain and Have Summer-tastic Fun!

As we get older, we have more things to worry about, but don't let back pain be one of them! Feel great in your body and have peace in your mind this summer to enjoy it the way you want. Here are 5 easy tips for you to help you manage your back pain, heal, and bring more happiness to your life.

1. Stretch your Spine and Back Muscles

We all know stretching is important especially after a workout. Knowing what it does for you is very important so you can consciously create the results you want. Not only stretching your body helps reduce muscle tension, it helps increase blood & energy circulation to various parts of your body, increase range of motion in your joints, and enhance muscular coordination. It also contributes to increasing your bodily awareness and relaxation, which we will talk about further.  

2. Straighten your Posture

Having good posture at all times is crucial to your back health. Sustaining a bad posture for an extended period of time can negatively affect your spine, which becomes harder to revert back to a healthy state. Many ailments come from spine misalignment as the spine is the highway for communication of the body and brain, so do your best to straighten up! Read further to learn how you can do this easily.

3. Heal and Release Tension with Deep Relaxation

The best way to protect yourself from injuries and feel 100% with your mind and body is through relaxation. You can achieve deep relaxation by targeting the origin of your tension point, which in many cases internal. By gently pumping the navel, which is called Belly Button Healing, you can activate your gut and promote relaxation of the organs, which almost instantaneously helps you release the tension from your mind and body. Why? We hold our stress-related tension in our inner organs, so by gently massaging the intestines from the navel you can activate your serotonin production and get to experience deep relaxation. 

4. Strengthen your Core

Strengthen your powerhouse to maintain good posture and energy level, which will help reduce back pain. Not just strengthening our back muscles but your abdominal muscles as well. These two muscles groups are key components to provide strength and movement and protect your spine from injuries. Make sure your core exercises target your extensors, flexors, and rotators.

5. Increase Happiness and your Mind-Body Awareness with Meditation

Maintain a positive mental state this summer with meditation, and this will allow to you to heighten the awareness of your mind and body. You will be able to enjoy all of the adventures and fun activities this summer better than ever before!