Some Guided Body-Mind Meditations

Some Guided Body-Mind Meditations

It's often difficult to remember the sense of freedom and ease you may experience in Alexander Technique lessons. So, I often record the guided body/mind meditations I give during Alexander Technique lessons to help my students when they're at home, and also for the benefit of my other students.


  1. Set aside some time when you're doing nothing,
  2. Find a quiet space on the floor,
  3. Lay down in "semi-supine" - on your back with your knees up and your feet on the floor,
  4. Listen to the recordings and get ready for some ease!

Here are a few of my guided meditations you can find on YouTube:

Tuning Into Your 3-D Body

Applying "Open Focus" to Daily Activities

A Guided Meditation On Timelessness

"The Three Permissions: Gateway To Relaxed Alertness"


I have more videos available for free in my YouTube playlist.