Why relax?

Why relax?

Hello! Thanks for taking a moment from your busy life to read an article on relaxation.

I'm going to now ask you the favor of stopping. Seriously.

Take one minute, or less, and do this: Sit up comfortably where you are with feet on the floor. After closing your eyes, take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it briefly and exhale audibly on ahhh through your mouth. Take a second one imagining or visualizing light flowing in with the breath and any heaviness flowing out on the exhale. Third and last time, same process with intake and exhale, then allowing yourself to let go. Go back to regular breathing and check in with yourself at this point. What/how do you feel? Same? Lighter? Calmer? Distracted from busy-ness? Great, you've just given yourself a one minute reset.

Why relax? To give yourself time to be. We seem to give ourselves plenty of time to do. Relaxing allows us some balance. It can enhance our well-being. It may motivate us to actually schedule more self-caring time in our day, week, month and year. 

Want to do an overall relaxation? Find an energy work practice that either intrigues or makes sense to you. I can and will recommend Healing Touch as one possibility. Give yourself the gift of knowing what it is to really relax and be.

Blessings to you, Friends,