Use Discomfort to Signal Change

Use Discomfort to Signal Change

The lobster is a soft bodied creature with a hard exterior shell.

As the lobster grows, it is confined by its shell.

With this growth comes a great deal of discomfort.

When the discomfort becomes too great, the lobster finds a rocky shelter safe from predators and sheds its shell

The lobster then grows a new shell.

Growth causes discomfort and signals to the lobster to change.

And as the lobster continues to grow, it repeats the process of finding a shelter, shedding its shell and growing a new one.

Now if the lobster, experiencing great discomfort, went to see a doctor, the doctor would give him some pain pills to make him more comfortable.

And no growth would occur.

Don't be the lobster who goes to the doctor, be the lobster who uses the discomfort to signal change.

If you are experiencing discomfort and seek meaningful change, let's talk.

There are non-drug related actions you can take, like hypnotherapy, that can help you achieve meaningful change.