Heuristic vs Algorithmic

In one world, there exists an algorithmic treatment plan based on your symptoms. If you step into a clinic with a rotator cuff strain, your PT may throw in a rotator cuff exercise or whatever protocol they are taught. This is a VERY limited way of thinking and is NOT how the body functions.

The ELDOA, SomaTraining, and SomaTherapy model follows a heuristic approach. Each individual is unique and we need to respect the complexity of the anatomy. Based on your biomechanics and history, we gain an idea of what is going on in your system, and problem solve after careful assessment and consideration of your 3-Dimensional body.

This is a big problem in the health and fitness industry – Are you assessing or are you guessing?

More often today, people are hoping to memorize the solution to pain like an algorithm. If this model worked, then the prevalence of pain would be much lower. There would have already been a book with directions, but the fact is more and more orthopedic issues are being born, and doctors are telling you it’s some sort of “Syndrome.”

Well, when someone gives you some sort of “Syndrome” label, I highly suggest you to hold on tight to your money, because it means ” I don’t know what is going on, but I can name it.”

A good therapist or trainer will provide assessments to gain an understanding of what is going on from a complex, dynamic standpoint. Whatever dysfunction or they find, They will ask “WHY?” so that they are finding the cause and NOT chasing pain! We’re not considered with whatever name – we understand that the ligaments are tight leading to lack of awareness, there is lack of reinforcement, or maybe the fascia is incredibly retracted. We are concerned with testing and optimizing the health of the fascia to return function.

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