Sick in the Summer? UGH! 7 Immune Support Habits

Sick in the Summer? UGH! 7 Immune Support Habits

Prevention is Easier than Recovery

It’s YOUR Summer—Enjoy it!

The golden season. The reason people take winter vacations to sunny locations. Summertime! More sunlight hours, more warmth, more chances to be outdoors and for many people more socializing!

Unlike the so-called Season of Sneezing following the holidays, midwinter, summertime is practically designed to keep you healthy. More movement/exercise, more sunlight on your skin means more vitamin D, and more local fresh fruit and vegetables you can buy from your local farmer or farmers market.

So how do we sometimes still manage to get sick in the summer?

 - Being run down often comes before getting sick.

 - More sunlight can also mean less quality sleep.

 - More socializing can also mean more alcohol, reducing your actual hydration.

 - Snack foods can be tempting but usually, lack good nutrition.

So how do you stay well? 

This guide will explore the 7 immune support habits that will keep you healthy:

  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Stay hydrated
  3. Consider options to detoxify
  4. Eat good foods for good nutrients
  5. Supplement the nutrients you do not get enough of naturally
  6. Move your body and break a sweat every day
  7. What about that 7th one? Gratitude for immune support? Yep. We will get to that one, too.

Habit 1: Sleep

 - Lack of sleep is the fastest way to FEEL run down.

 - While you sleep, your immune system is at its strongest.

 - Being exposed to viruses while sleeping makes for an easier recovery

Habit 2: Hydration

 - Water helps flush out toxins from both lymph and intestinal systems

 - Signs of being less than fully hydrated

 - Coffee, soda, wine, beer,  and energy drinks are all liquids but they do not hydrate us 

Habit 3: Detoxify

 - Poor intestinal health contributes to overall systemic inflammation

 - Add fiber to your diet to help cleanse your colon

 - Consume healthy fats to clean up your liver

 - Help support your lymph system with more vitamin C

 - The more your body stores toxins, the less able it is to fight off infections, colds, and flu.

Habit 4: Eat Whole Foods

 - Contain the essential nutrients your body needs to stay healthy

 - Foods that support your immune system

 - Immune boosting recipes for when you feel a cold coming on

Habit 5: Supplement

 - Food today doesn’t have as many nutrients in it compared to decades ago

 - Organic farms outperform conventional farms

 - Eat appropriate supplements to keep your body healthy

Habit 6: Stay Active

 - Stay active when you start to get sick.

 - Accommodate your exercise schedule for your illness

 - Try Sauna or Steam. 

Habit 7: Gratitude

 - How taking a deep breath and giving thanks can give you relief, release, and loosening of tension

 - There is a link between optimism and better immune function

 - Pausing and appreciating the world around you and the people in your life


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