How do the seasons effect your DNA?

How do the seasons effect your DNA?

As the stores begin prepping their windows with Christmas decorations in October, we notice the sun setting earlier and feel the air getting cooler. Inside, our organs and blood are also changing their decorations to match the coming season. As summer comes to an end, our fat burning, water-retaining hormones are packed away and in their place, a dense army of immune responders is sent out to scout for any intruders. Four different studies were conducted across the globe, with over 1000 participants where genes were measured throughout the year in each season. Approximately one fifth of all genes in blood cells express changes throughout the year.

When we are threatened in any way, our immune system responds with inflammation. We tend to be more susceptible to this during the winter months. Metabolism slows down, blood vessels constrict increasing urine output, and muscles will involuntarily contract. It’s not all bad in the winter though, our tempers are more in check, memory is greater, as is our ability to problem solve. When there is less energy spent in trying to stay cool, our brains are allowed to work effectively. In the summer or if you are under extreme heat, you may feel extra sleepy because when blood vessels are dilated, we sweat, which ramps up the heart rate. We also tend to get summer colds which linger longer than in the winter. This now makes sense knowing we have more immune responders running around in winter. What hasn’t been determined yet is how the response in our body is triggered. It could be the length of day, temperature, dietary changes or lack of sunlight.

Many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) once the weather begins to cool. Those who suffer from this, secrete the hormone melatonin longer during winter nights. Normal production of melatonin should not vary with the seasons. Our internal clocks are reset by light, making our bodies in sync with our day. When autumn strikes, our sleep cycles might be off balance for a few weeks because of the shift in daylight. Vitamin D levels are also affected in autumn, leaving feelings of fatigue and sometimes depression. There are specific light boxes that can be recommended by your doctor to help those who are affected each year.

We can stay on top of our body’s seasonal changes by paying attention to the cues and not forgetting to take care of ourselves. Mindful Mixtures has created a special cold and flu elixir called ECLIPSE, which will only be offered in November and December until supplies run out.

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