The Sunny Side of the Street

The Sunny Side of the Street

We are on the brink of fall and if you have seasonal affective disorder, it's time to begin working toward a healthier winter:

1.  Get outside every day for at least 30 minutes if possible.  Rain or shine!

2.  Consult your physician, Vitamin D3 really does help, but you must take enough and daily.

3.  Grab a journal and begin making at least one entry per day about something positive in your life.  So if the 'sun' was shining on something in your life, what would it be?  

4.  If you prefer an educational approach, study SAD, and look up Fight/Flight disorders.  Chances are you will see yourself in those categories.  Arm yourself with education and you will be able to diagnose your symptoms quicker, and be more proactive about it.

5.  If you can, plan a winter getaway to a sunnier climate.  It's fun to plan a vacation and the anticipation will help you through some winter days, but more importantly, you will have a plan to put the sun back into your life!

We have a tendency 'to accept what we cannot change'.  But, SAD and Fight/Flight can be changed with a little preparation and education.  Winter doesn't have to be miserable after all.  It's all about letting the sun shine in!