It has been an intense summer and I am happy to have the structure of school back in session.

Sheryl Sitts recently interviewed me on her Exploring Possibilities Podcast! It was so much fun! I got to share my personal story and my professional evolution and how I integrate everything I am doing now.

You can find this interview on the home page of my website. More interviews are under the "press kit" tab and I have more interviews in the pipeline so stay tuned!

My business has taken an interesting evolution. I am getting a lot of traction with my vagus nerve work with actors, podcasters, professional speakers, and entrepreneurs for vocal health and to connect with their authentic voice.

It makes so much sense and I can't believe i didn't think of it before (or see it coming!) Lost voice is the karmic story written into my astrology chart and the literal story of my childhood wounding. I absolutely should be teaching voice because it has been my biggest wound that I have healed and that is what we all do best - heal ourselves and others from our biggest points of healing.

Where in your life is your greatest wound your superpower? Have you transformed it yet?

I am still available for individual sessions and packages, which you can check out on my website under "Offerings"

My Archetypal Healing Circle is now FREE to everyone! You just need to sign up! If you are wondering what a session looks like check out this one!

I have more podcast interviews scheduled. The next one with Karen Hager on her Out of the Fog Podcast comes out August 20. 

If you are interested in having me come speak for your event or business, just email me at [email protected] 

I have lots more to say but will stop there for now! 


Thank you so much. 




Melanie Weller PT, MPT, OCS, CEEAA, ATC

Vision, Voice, Vitality, Venus, and the Vagus Nerve

Physical Therapist, Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults

Medical Visionary and Medical Intuitive