Presence & Awareness - the Greatest Aphrodisiac!

Presence & Awareness - the Greatest Aphrodisiac!

"Osho saya, "Tantra denies nothing, but transforms everything", which means that awareness changes the 

What women respond to is man's PRESENCE & AWARENESS, & awareness is basically effortless when compared to all the usual action in sex. Initially, it takes effort to maintain presence, but it becomes increasingly familiar & effortless with practice. Presence is easily accessed through the body, and it takes times for an individual to relax into a cellular experience of self, which naturally captures or holds one in the presence." - "Tantric Sex for Men" D. & M. Richardson

                                        Here are my 4 tips on how you can practice PRESENCE:

1. Connect to your body (through meditation, breathing or may be a physical activity prior to seeing her). Always come back to breath & connection to your feet for grounding when you find yourself lost in your thoughts

2. Practice eye gazing when you listen to her & “listen” not only with your ears but with your whole energy body

3. Touch her with full awareness of giving pleasure to her without any expectation to get anything back or reach an orgasm. Still & slow touches are golden

4. Intend to connect to her heart


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With Love, Iryna