Self-Love and Self-Care are NOT SELFISH

Self-Love and Self-Care are NOT SELFISH

The following is taken from my Instagram and Facebook post that I wrote in February 2019 along with the image below.

REAL TALK: Last week was all about Valentine’s Day and the special thing we call L.O.V.E. I paused, I reflected, I dared to dig deeper.

Why is it that I often work, work, work until I’m exhausted?!? Why do I somehow LIKE that? Why do I have to be completely energy-depleted to feel “entitled” and deserving of a break?

And how come I then ask myself “Why am I so tired?” Do you feel the same? Do you dare to admit? Comment below, if you do.

I almost didn’t. I’m a health and life coach, after all. I should have it all sorted out, I thought! Right? Guess what?? Nothing will change until you admit it.

Nobody will take care of you if you don’t. Nobody CAN and nobody SHOULD. I know it’s not always easy. Believe me—I know.

Stop finding excuses—just like I did—and take a moment, take a minute, just 1 MINUTE—to do whatever you need so that you can feel YOU AGAIN. And then take another one. Until your cup is filled. Let everyone and everything else wait. Like you did—for too long. 


Since that post, I have added another tool into my practice. It’s called “When Life Works List” and it’s by Dr. Sean Stephenson (btw, check out his book “Get Off Your But”, if you haven’t yet). This “When Life Works List” is basically a list of 10-20 concrete activities that you do on a more or less regular basis that make you feel good. Mines are at least 1 yoga session per week, walking in nature, healthy food in form of a soup or a smoothie, and clean environment. And then, once your list is ready, you simply do a couple of them every day or week so that you can repeat and carry on that feel-good emotional state.

Because after all:

The biggest gift you can give to someone you love is to