Being You

Being You

What do I mean with “being you”?

Most of us grow up with the projection of our parents, members of our extended family, teachers, family friends - you get the picture - of who we are and how we are supposed to be. How did you deal with them? Did you rebel against them or did you agree with them? No matter what you did, these projections had a major impact in forming who you are and what your life is like today. Do you know who you are and what is really true for you? Now imagine your life 10 years from now. Can you actually enjoy YOUR life or are you living the life others told you can have or should have?

Now imagine waking up in the morning with a sense of gratitude. Imagine feeling really good about yourself and not needing to prove anything to anybody. You know who you really are, free of others’ projections. Knowing what is true for you frees you to choose what makes it fun for you to be alive.

Being you is not about succeeding as you or doing anything better. It is about the energy of you, whatever that may be. It is different for each person. When you are being you, you stop being at the effect of the world around you. How often do we attempt to deal with being at the effect of the world by creating a predictable life, by being in control of everything? How much energy does this require? How much judgment do you have to do in order to decide if you are doing the right thing? How much space is there in your life to just have fun?

I had my share of projections, not only while growing up, but also during my marriage. To that I added my own assumptions as to how I was supposed to behave as a woman, a wife, and a mother. These assumptions were a composite of the projection I bought as being correct and true. During the past years, I took classes which allowed me to become aware of all that, and begin the journey of discovering who I truly am. Now I am stepping into a level of freedom, of awareness, an ability to ask questions, to choose from the possibilities I can perceive, and ways to create the life I would like to live. I have drastically reduced my level of self-judgment - not that I am over it, though. I am not just alive, I really enjoy my life. Life has become an adventure, every day is an adventure if I am willing to be present with what is and not hide behind a pretense.

Being You is a gift available to everyone who chooses it, no matter what age. What if Being You could be fun? What if there could be ease in your life not matter what.

Are you choosing to be you? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • When having to make a choice, ask yourself: If I were truly me, what would I choose here?
  • You can't create YOUR life if you do not know what you would like your life to be like. So take some time and write down what it is you would like to have in your life. (Where would you like to live? What work would you like to do? What people would you like to have in your life? Dream, cover every area of your life without being very specific) Every so often, I re-visit this exercise and do it again.
  • Look over your life and the people in it. Which ones did you feel close to? What attracted you to them? What traits did they have? Do you have these traits? 

I will post more articles with tools, life hacks.