How being energy neutral is sinking your ship!

The energy spectrum of the universe:

Imagine the entirety of the universe exists along a single, solitary, line where each tiny piece is categorized based on its available energy. At one pole of this line exists the impoverished space of the energy poor, while at the other the wealth of energy rich. In between? The dreaded wasteland of energy neutral.

It's important to note biological systems are constantly shuffling themselves to and fro amidst this spectrum. It is part of the ebb and flow of life, literally. Before birth we are assimilating wisdom, skills, systems, even cells, becoming dense, rich sources of energy. At death we are dispersing our wisdom, sharing our skill sets, watching our systems degenerate, and becoming energy poor. Its not only life, its physics! In every moment, in every interaction, we are either assimilating energy in endothermic reactions or losing energy via exothermic reactions. If we participate in too many exothermic ‘reactions’ or ‘interactions,’ where we lose energy, we will begin to slide towards the abysmal energy poor end of the spectrum.

What’s the purpose in pointing out all of this?

Imagine a beautiful and buoyant craft full of vim, vigor, and vitality, whisking across the whitecaps. That’s the ship of energy rich. It’s the ship we all hope to hop on and sail effortlessly into the sunset.

Now imagine an equally beautiful ship in the tumultuous throws of a breached hull, water cascading in, with the sea reaching up to swallow it entirely. That’s the sinking ship of energy poor, a ship we would all be actively working to evade. If we didn’t? Eventual, assured demise.

Somewhere in between the two extremes sits potentially the most precarious boat of them all. This particular sea-faring vessel has placating ocean views, a decent deck, and an unidentified and unpresumptuous hole in its hull. Its inhabitants are constantlybucketing up bails of water and tossing them back to the sea. The ship stays afloat. The water keeps coming in. Its people? They are trying. Trying to stay alive. Trying to make it work. Moderating some sort of ‘holding pattern.’ Sometimes they sneak in a seascape or two, and perhaps they even begin to bail water with glamours new buckets, or sing along to their most favorite songs. Despite their best efforts, though, this boat will only ever achieve a high level state of managing because, well, they are only energy neutral.

Its this last ship, sadly, that most of us spend the majority of time sailing on.  Do you feel like you are being crushed amidst the ‘grind’ of daily life? Been meaning to make changes? Trying to make it work?

STOP! You can spend your entire life swimming amidst the bailing-buckets of the energy neutral boat… You’ll be living, but not thriving. Instead, ditch the bail-pails, and step onto the sunset-sailing ship of the energy rich.

What’s the difference between being energy neutral and energy-rich? 

Commitment… Not the sort of commitment that creates white padded rooms and retraining orders. The sort that is ruled by pure, prime and unbridled passion. Being completely dedicated to an idea, action, relationship or cause is the defining factor that creates an environment of being energy rich. That effortlessly gliding sunset-bound boat is skimming across the sea because it has a path, a compass, a course. That ship is energy rich because it has a purpose, fueled by passion and manifesting as commitment.

Have you ever heard anyone answer a question with “I’m trying?” Yep. Energy neutral. Stop trying and start doing. If the “doing” is difficult, take a moment to check in with yourself. Is this ‘path’ you’re charging ahead on congruent with who you are? Commitment to an incongruent cause is, also, going to set you back on that bail-laden craft stuck in energy neutral.

So, to quote the brilliance of a tiny, green, sage:

Do. Or do not. There is no try. -Yoda

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Written by Dr. Nicole