The Simplest Way to Reach Your Goal

The Simplest Way to Reach Your Goal

Most of us are looking for the magic pill, the simplest solution, the least time-consuming route to reaching our goals in life. In the world of wellness, I am proud to say Comfy Fitness has the answer.


That’s it. Just track what you’re doing. Track what you're putting in your mouth. Track what you’re doing during the day. Just track your behavior.

Before you throw your computer or handheld device across the room in frustration or unsubscribe from our email list, consider I said SIMPLE, not easy! So why is it we get side-tracked on this very simple action that would get us to what we yearn for?

Being a trainer for a decade, I have seen a few reasons we fall off the tracking wagon frequently. Check to see if  you’re falling into one or more of these categories:

1. We apply meaning to what we are tracking. I don’t know how many times I hear clients say “I was bad” in reference to eating a sweet treat or even binging, drinking, smoking, etc. This prompts me to ask something like, “did you murder a bunch of orphans?” That’d be bad. Throw away that conversation. It is not serving you.

When you send yourself the message that you are bad, there is nothing that you eat or don’t eat that will make you not “bad.” I personally make this mistake a lot when I say to myself in regards to my finances that “I’m broke.” Think about the connotation of that phrase and how many facets of my life it could infiltrate!

When your internal dialogue has an opinion on what is being tracked, check in and see if it’s a helpful opinion or one that creates a defeatist mindset.You may be shocked at the messages your inner voice is sending you.

2. We aim for perfection when there’s no need to. Imperfect tracking is better than no tracking at all. Your statistics may not be exact, but it’s a whole hell of a lot more helpful and insightful than the complete unknown. Just do your best. Applications like MyFitnessPal do a pretty decent job of accuracy with ease. If you don’t know everything that is in your dish at a restaurant, just get as close as you can….then add a serving of butter.

3. Convenient forgetfulness is another method we humans use as a way to derail our efforts. In our Comfy Lifestyle program, I tell our participants that even if they’ve forgotten to log all day, just do your logging at the end of the day or even the next morning. Take my word for it: even counting at day’s end will bring awareness to actions. And awareness is almost everything...

4. Accountability is a missing piece for many. Find a community that is on your side and just as committed to your goals as you are. Not only must you share your intentions with these people, you must ask them to hold you to account no matter what.

Then I suggest you report your statistics to them. Tracking yields results. Reporting your tracking publicly yields exponential results, according to the American Psychological Association.

Tracking takes a maximum of 5-10 minutes daily. This one small daily action will yield a world of change in your life and in your health. Please let us know if you’re interested in finding accountability, coaching, and awareness around your health. Comfy Fitness would be happy to help!

PSST!... our next round of Comfy Lifestyle kicks off June 3. If you're looking to improve your life using education, accountability and statistics, this is where it's at!