Are you hiding because you are highly sensitive?

Are you hiding because you are highly sensitive?

Tell me this - are you hiding from life, from your gifts and greatness because you feel overwhelmed?

Do you ever walk into a room and feel so altered by the energy of others, you forget yourself? 

Perhaps the only time you feel truly yourself is when you are alone. Maybe you are such an antenna for the intensity and energy around other people that you easily feel overwhelmed, socially awkward, or 'shut down'.

If so, I completely get it. Most people would rather not consider themselves highly sensitive or HSP because the culture around being 'highly sensitive' has become pretty depressing.

Be careful in new environments. Shield yourself. Don't put yourself out there. Strategize ways to cope. Keep your distance. Learn to set hard boundaries, ect. ect. 

What happens is we start to hide from life. We get small. We feel overwhelmed and life is lived in constant fear.  There is a time and place for cocooning after trauma or heightened sensitivity, but this is no way to deal with sensitivity.

This kind of fear-based thinking re-enforces the original wound: "It's not okay to be me." or "I don't want to be here - nothing good ever works out."

This is exactly the fear that becomes our reality and it has its powerful programming entrenched in the contraction and fear of connection we hold in the body. We develop survival mechanism, beliefs and even a whole identity around being 'sensitive.'

The result is we don't explore new careers, are too afraid to date or commit to an intimate relationship and ultimately, the world loses out on our unlived brilliance.

When we are living in unintiated sensitivity that originated from trauma, we actually can't fully tap into the potential beneath our reactivity. Our beingness may be rooted in brilliance, creativity and intuition, but to access this channel this programming must be cleared in the body and mind. 

If you were freed from the challenges of survival as an HSP, how might you live your brilliance and creativity in the world? What might you explore as an intrepid soul, deeply connected to the aliveness and possibility of this world? 

Working with HSP clients, my approach is to gently provide an experience of safety for the first time - so that the break in this original wound around connection can be repaired.

This level of transformation is not for everyone - becoming who we really are takes courage. Though change happens fast when we shift the emotions, beliefs and body programming of fear into possibility. 

We need you and your depth of feeling and thinking more than ever.

It is time to stop hiding and start living. Rather than fight or numb out from the chaos of the world, rise up beyond it. Instead of pushing away or barricading yourself from others' energy - take up space. Feel safe anywhere you go. Find anchoring, resiliency in yourself and leap into the fullness of life. 

Afterall, it is through our sensitivity that we might create a deeply meaningful life. Reach out for the step-by-step guidance to stop hiding and start living.